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Nalgene Bottles


MKY1002,Multifunction Keychain
CODE : MKY1002
YIB2057-200100,Animal Shape Bottle Opener
CODE : YIB2057-200100
EGL1002,Neon Key Light
CODE : EGL1002
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Being Environmentally Conscious In Business Incentives
It has become the right thing to be aware of environmental issues. People are becoming conscious of their footprint in the world, and are focusing on environmental conservation. This extends into the business world as well. People expect the businesses they deal with to have the same environmental consciousness that they have.

Environmental conservation efforts, or going green, involves using items that are organic, recycled, reclaimed, solar-powered, and Water-Powered. This criteria pertains to anything used by a person who wants to be environmentally conscious. Businesses are beginning to pay attention to this trend with promotional items they give to customers and potential customers. They are also focusing on this when giving employees incentives.

Some of the gifts involve items for the employee to use on their desk. Others are items hat can be imprinted with a logo. These include a number of decorative or useful items. Useful items include pens, notebooks, calendars, and even clocks that are powered by solar energy or water power. These items can be imprinted with the company logo for branding, or can just be stamped with the information that they are made from one of the environmentally conscious materials.

Items that are intended as branding will almost always have the logo on them. They will also have some indication that they are a green product so that it can be made known that a company is conscious of the environment. They should be made from one of the green products such as bamboo, coconut shell, recycled paper, or natural fabrics such as organic cotton, bamboo, and corn.

These items that are given as branding can include apparel, bags, and even solar lights with space for the brand to be applied. Again, pens, pencils, and notepads are excellent for the purpose. Bamboo and recycled paper are great materials from which to make these from. There is even a clock to sit on the desk that is powered by water. Apparel items are made without chemicals or pesticides to irritate the skin and pollute the environment.

With the trend towards eco-friendly products in corporate gifts, suppliers are getting in the picture with the task of making items to fit different sizes of budgets. For building good will, as well as doing their part in environmental protection, these items are perfect for employees, agents, customers, and media promotion. An online search will reveal hundreds of items available for purchase, at a variety of budget levels.

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