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Some Inventive Tips On Fund Raising Using Promotional Gifts
Philanthropy is an art that pays back well for those who master it sufficiently. To add a measure of intrigue and novelty to your corporate fundraising event, prepare some mystery gift baskets that the attendees can bid on and take home after the event. If you choose the right ideas for the organization or charity cause you represent, the results will be nothing short of impressive.

An effectively refreshing idea is to have gift baskets based on a number of exotic travel locations. The items you include should depend on the ability of the guests invited and will dictate the prices you place on each as the start for the bids. If a basket idea is based on Hawaii for example remember to include items like beach towels, sun screen and goggles.

You can also make a good impact on your fundraising goals by going local. Items that are worth a great sentimental value to the local crowd will raise a buzz and prove enticing so that your guests will be encouraged to go to extra lengths to outbid each other, raising more funds for the cause. The labeling and wrapping of the packages will be very important too.

A deep understanding of your attendees will also help in creating the right gift ideas for the event. Consider the hobbies that are common in the social class of those in attendance and theme your gift baskets accordingly. If you go for art themed gift baskets, remember to include such items as sketch pads, water colors and even beginner's instruction books.

Another way to pull off a charity fundraiser based on gifts is to use the tricky-tray idea. Here you buy desirable products and have them placed around a room with a container next to each. The participants are required to buy tickets and they place these in the containers next to the prizes. The more tickets a participant places in a certain container, the more likely they are to win. Ensure that you provide adequate variety to attract interest from your participants.

The trick to a successful fundraiser event is the amount of intrigue and suspense you can create to the event. It is a well proven fact that many people will be encouraged to give more towards a cause if they believe they can get some prize of sorts from their giving. The ideas about using corporate gifts in fundraising as illustrated above have the potential to turn a low interest event to a memorable collection.
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