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Organizations Use Promotions To Lure Customers
When a business first opens, the owners may want to find ways to attract new customers. Enticing clients to a business might be accomplished through giveaways and prizes. Businesses that send out such tokens often attract new clients and demonstrate their eagerness to serve the community. When owners think about what they can send out or give to people who shop at their stores, they sometimes consider items that are both useful and enjoyable.

Many companies find success when they select coffee mugs. These items can be printed with the business's name, address, and phone number. Some people also include their company's logo or mascot on these mugs. When a customer or client inquires about the store's services, he or she may receive a coffee mug to serve as a reminder of that business's location.

An owner may also choose pens or pencils for such purposes. Many companies offer pens and pencils to people as a way of showing their appreciation for their patronage. As with mugs, these writing utensils might be emblazoned with the company's name and contact information. Whenever a person uses his or her pen, that individual is reminded of that company's service.

Calendars serve as constant reminders as well. In fact, banks, car dealerships, and restaurants often send out calendars to their clients at the start of each year. People who receive these calendars often appreciate them because they do not have to buy a calendar for themselves. Receiving this token reaffirms the business relationship the client has with that business.

Sometimes companies host community events that invite people to their locations. Individuals who come to these large scale events often expect to receive free items. In fact, these free items may be the only reason they come to the promotion. As such, businesses sometimes offer t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, and drink cozies as a way of luring new customers into the store to shop.

Grand openings also tend to be large scale celebrations. When a company wants to make its mark on the community, the corporate leaders might offer a cash prize as a way of asking people to visit the new location. When individuals have the chance to win money, they often visit the new store and enter the drawing.

Promotional gifts are used to solidify a business's relationship with its customers. They may also be utilized when businesses wish to invite new patrons to the store and advertise their services. Many people like to receive these items and find them to be useful.
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