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Amphasis Design Pte Ltd - holds a simple concept to introduce a broad range of upmarket and trendy corporate gifts, premiums, door gifts, promotional items and mass giveaways coupled with world class services. We host a wide range of corporate gifts be it branded or unbranded for you to choose from. On top of this, with our own in-house printing facilities, you are rest assured that your order of gifts for your business clients will be delivered at the highest quality and on time, every time.

Different Ways Of Customizing Gifts
One way of showing a person that you appreciate them is by giving gifts. This acts as a reminder of the relationship you share with them and of the accomplishments they have made. Gifts are given on many occasions. Some of them include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and many others. Since they are something special, it is important that they portray your personality.

In the work place, people get rewarded for loyalty and diligence. This is done through salary raises, discounts on products and presents. There are many types of gifts that can be issued to clients and employees. A computer mouse is a good example. However, it is usually very plain and similar to all the others. That is why you need to make it look unique.

One way you can do this is by writing a name on it. Most computer mouses usually have the manufacturer logo or name printed on their upper or lower side. Since all of them share this characteristic, it is important that you change it, so as to make the gift look more appealing and unique.

Etching the name of the company on the upper side is a good way of doing this. Most manufacturers or distributors of these computer accessories usually offer customers the option of replacing the manufacturer logo with another name or design. So, you can contact them and give them the name you want written on the mouse. Though, you will have to pay slightly more for that.

Adding some glitz to it also comes in handy. A mouse is usually a plain gadget that most people do not to notice. In order to transform it into a gift that one will cherish, you have to add something on it that will make it admirable. There are many types of jewels and skins that you can put on this accessory to make it look more interesting. You can choose to add some jewels that spell out the name or logo of your company. To do this, you have to hire the services of a firm that specializes in customizing gadgets. The cost will mainly depend on how you want it done.

Changing the shape is one of the popular ways of making something stand out from the rest. You can use do this to the mouse. Give it a unique shape that makes it distinctive. This way your clients and employees will be reminded of the company every time they use or see the corporate gifts.
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